Coordinator: Sandhya Aduri , Lecturer in  English

Youth Red cross of Andhra Pradesh was formed on 26th June 2001 with the assent of His Excellency the Governor of Andhra Pradesh and President, AP.State Branch of Indian Red Cross Society,Hyderabad. It is led by a Nodal Officer along with four team leaders in the age group of 18 years to 20 years


  • To develop humanitarian values and principles
  • Youth Red Cross activities help the students in channelizing their energies for constructive actions.
  • Activities make the student volunteers aware of issues of environment and society.
  • Active participation in these socially responsible activities makes them better citizens of tomorrow.


  • Cleanliness, Hygiene and Green Cover in the Campus
  • Conservation of Energy and Water
  • Waste Management.
  • Awareness on Social issues

Sub activities under Cleanliness,Hygiene and green cover in the campus :

  • Cleanliness of Classrooms
  • Cleanliness of College Campus
  • Cleanliness in Labs
  • Dustbin availability in Classrooms,Common areas
  • Promotion of cleanliness by signage/rallies
  • Celebration of Hand Wash Day
  • Conducting Essay Writing/Painting/Elocution/Skits competitions on cleanliness and hygiene

Sub activities under Conservation of Energy and Water :

  • Switching off Bulbs/Fans/Computers etc when not in use
  • Replacement of traditional bulbs with LED Bulbs
  • Waste water management by supplying to plants/garden
  • Digging Rain Water harvesting pits
  • Celebration of World Water Day,Earth Day,World Energy Conservation Day
  • Essay writing/Painting.Elocutions,Skit competitions
  • Rallies

Sub activities under Waste Management :

  • Proper segregation of wastes wet and dry
  • Essay Writing/Painting/Elocution/skit competitions
  • Rallies on Waste management

Sub activities under awareness on Social issues :

  • Participation in ODF campaigns
  • Blood Donation by YRC Volunteers
  • Visits to Government Hospitals
  • Visits to Old age homes,Orphanage homes
  • Essay Writing,Painting,Elocution
  • Catchy Slogan Writing