Objectives of the Practices:

  • To reduce pollution and create a positive impact on environment.
  • To protect bio-diversity for the well-being of nature which helps people to lead a life that is healthy and serene.
  • To protect environment and sustain its natural resources for present and future generation.

The Context:

The catastrophic problems of pollution if unchecked lead harmful effect on environment which in turn will affect bio-diversity and well being of nature. As our college is located by the side of state high-way, it is also prone to be affected by pollution emitted by various sources. Moreover, the college campus is spread over an area 8.48 acres with requisite features to make it as a green campus.

The Practice:

Keeping the above context in view, our college initiated environmental friendly practices such as usage of public transport, maintaining the college campus plastic free, reducing paper usage and more plantations in college campus.

  • Most of the staff and students use public transport for commuting. In addition, no vehicle day is being on 1st Saturdayof every month since November 2015.
  • Both staff and students are instructed to get reusable water bottles and reusable lunch boxes thus restricting them from getting single use items and make sure that all waste goes to the dust bins instead of throwing in public places. The college conducts rallies and sensitization programmes to bring awareness among public health hazards caused due usage of plastics.
  • As the world is being digitalized, paperless methods are adopted by communicating circulars through mails and whatsapp group. This approach curtails use of paper and transforms our college as an eco-friendly one.
  • College not only participates government sponsored programmes such as Vanam-Manam but also eco club, NSS/NCC units chalk out an action for tree plantation in the college campus. Further, the guests who visit the college are honoured with saplings in place of flower bouquet which in turn being planted in the campus.

Evidence of Success:

The success is evident at a glance of vast green campus, pollution free campus.

Problems Encounterd and Resources Required:

  • Our modern conveniences are great problems to follow the above green practices like usage of public transport, maintaining the college campus plastic free, reducing paper usage. However, the sensitization and awareness programmes made the stake holders (faculty and students) to shoulder the responsibility of following vehicle free day plastic free campus.
  • Resources required to sustain green practices are public transport, bio-fertilizers, organic fertilizers, re-usable traditional containers, bottles to transform campus to plastic free and fencing for saplings to protect from herbivorous animals.