To be a premier institution of excellence in the region that nurtures the holistic development of the young minds by solely adhering to the integration of physical, aesthetic, practical, moral and intellectual education.


  • Creating an academic ambience to impart holistic education focusing on individual growth, integrity, ethical values and social responsibility.
  • Catering to the emerging societal needs through all round development of the students of all sections and enabling them to be globally competitive and socially responsible citizens with intrinsic values
  • Enriching skill based learning through industry- institution interaction to enhance competency and promote entrepreneurship.
  • Fostering innovation and creativity through competitive environment with the state-of – the – art infrastructure


  • To introduce and implement innovation in teaching and learning process to strengthen academic delivery
  • To ignite the spirit of enquiry in the  young minds
  • To inculcate creativity and critical thinking in order to promote logical decision making 
  • To inculcate the self- consistency, self-reliance and self- learning qualities  for  the pursuit of careers 
  • To instill professional ethics, moral values and intra- personal & inter- personal skills that shape them into effective leaders
  • To upgrade the faculty in curriculum design, teaching pedagogy, usage of ICT and various processes pertaining to academics and research from time to time.

Priority & Thrust:

  • The S.G. Government Degree College has the Vision, priority, and thrust focus on attaining the graduate attributes like Excellence in Teaching and Learning, Interdisciplinary knowledge, Ethical values, Adaptability, Analysis, Research, and Resources. Using the strategy on development with planning, preparing, execution for well-defined outcomes.
  • Adopting the latest technology in using virtual Classrooms, Digital Classrooms, ICT based teaching. To inculcate the knowledge of the students, the institution adopting the Student Exchange Program, Environmental Consciousness, and communicating skills.
  • To improve the quality enhancements, the institution has a mechanism to get the data regarding suggestions through Student feedback on lecturers, Stakeholders feedback on curriculum, alumni feedback form on the institution to explore the outcomes for further refinement.
  • The institute has mainly focused on utilizing the students act knowledge to bring out spontaneously, the Institution has the Resources such as Highly intellectual faculty, Material Resources, Fully equipped laboratories, Physical Infrastructure, Academic Buildings, Financial Resources Funds from Government, UGC, DST, RUSA.