The institution strives to achieve excellence by way of  meticulous planning and execution of the curriculum developed by the parental S.V.University. The Institution strictly adheres to specific standards to impart knowledge that encompasses all the needs of the 21st century global citizens. Being the head of the institution the principal ensures the provision of all the facilities to the college. The institution follows a systematic process academic and social in shaping the students into Nation builders and global competitors. Classroom transaction is done by adopting both Transactional and Transformational Teaching approaches, which envision the learner as a builder of knowledge rather than a mere seeker of Knowledge from the teachers. The creation of a conducive learning environment is further enriched with analytical methods through 6 ICT enabled digital labs and One virtual room. Lecturers Organize students seminars, quiz, debates and group discussions in a well planned schedule. The institution strictly adheres to the Academic calendar provided by the parental University. The IQAC looks after the implementation of the academic calendar, syllabus, academic records, tests, teacher forums, ward counseling, remedial coaching, placement training through Jawahar Knowledge Center (JKC) & Skill Development Center (SDC), seminars, DRC programs. The curriculum has specified additional significance to cross cutting issues relevant to gender equity, environmental sustainability, human values and professional ethics.

Apart from curricular activities,certificate Programmes ,value add-on Programmes, Brainstorming sessions, field trips, internships, social clubs, eco clubs , Red ribbon club, sports and games, NSS and NCC activities are assiduously conducted to develop skill sets on additional outputs in the domain subjects, to improve memory power and knowledge, enhancing life skills, strengthening the fitness to improve the spirit of sportsmanship  to inculcate service-mindedness and discipline among stakeholders.

These are enabling the students to get trained for achieving the program outcomes (PO) and targeting the program educational objectives (PEO) in the side of an opportunity projection.

Academic year starts as prescribed by S.V. University, while publishes the Academic Calendar containing plans for curricular and co-curricular activities based on the available working days as per their norms. Approval for the same is given by the Principal after making minor changes if required. The academic calendar provides the date of commencement of the academic session, duration of semester, period of Internal assessment tests, final semester examinations etc. The Time-table is prepared well before the start of every semester so that the syllabus is covered in time. During the interactions with  students in the Class Committee meeting, the objectives of each subject are explained by the respective faculty and the Chairperson of the meeting. The expected outcome from the student is also elucidated clearly. Syllabus completion is tracked through periodic checking of lesson plan sheets, class committee meetings, record of class work and Department meetings. The laboratory Schedule is prepared by the staff members in charge of the time table of each department and batch-wise details are specified in the laboratory schedule. Time-table of regular lectures for the semester is displayed on the notice board and College Official Website. There is an Academic Monitoring Committee appointed by the Principal, who monitor the day to day conduct of the lectures as per the time table.