Students Performance in understanding the curriculum is evaluated by conducting examinations. Examinations in our institution are conducted by the Examination Cell as per schedule by the affiliating SV University, Tirupati.

The examination system for UG and PG programs has 3 components:

  • Internals (Mid exams)
  • Practical Exams
  • External Exams (University Theory Exams)
  • Internal Exams are evaluated by the faculty of this Institution during the course of the semester
  • Practical Exams are conducted and evaluated by the External Staff Members from University and other affiliated colleges.
  • External Exams are conducted after completion of each semester and the evaluation is carried out on the University Campus through spot valuation.

From 2017-18 onwards, the Pre-Examination procedure like, Registration & Issuing of Hall Tickets and Post-Examination like Results (Results Declaration & Issue of Provisional certificates) are carried out completely through online by the SV University via Web Portal students will receive post examination results directly to their registered mobile numbers.


Composition of Examination Cell:

  • Dr C.Sreeramulu, Chief Superintendent
  • Dr L.Narayana Swamy ,Lecturer in Commerce , Convener
  • Dr S.Hari Prasad, Lecturer in Statistics , Member
  • Dr J. Kishore Kumar Reddy, Lecturer in Computer Science , Member